End-of-line Automation and Packaging

Our business and our mission is to provide turnkey solutions dedicated to the field of food processing, pharmaceutical and packaging.

Our range of machines is designed and selected to meet the industry requirements.

Banding and labelling

Labelling, Banding or Sleeving.


Metal Detectors and Reject Systems
Vision Control and Leak Detection


Carton and Tray Erectors
Stacking, Packing, Boxing
Case or Crate Robotic Packers,
Picking, Conveying


Robotic Palletisers,
Pallet Compressor
Pallet Dispensers and Stackers

Complimentary Systems to Thermoformers

Jumbo Dispenser, Foil Edge Schredders, Convergers,
Roll Change and Splicing Systems

Line Controls

Line Drives and Supervision
Monitoring, Interfaces, Tracking
Line Integrations